Terry - I'll retweet this story to my paltry troop of followers. You might wish to note that the Come Back Alive account has been suspended by Patreon, which apparently suspects the funds might be used for weapons, contrary to its terms of service. According to an interview published by CNBC with the Come Back Alive administrator, there is about $300,000 trapped in the account. Meanwhile, the Canadian RC effort looks like a good bet, and I'll take it. Thanks for your fine and level-headed work on this story.

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Feb 26, 2022Liked by Terry Glavin

Terry, thank you for this, since I have been trying hard to figure out the best place to send help. I have just made two sizeable donations, and will send more as I can. Those people deserve all the help we can give. I subscribe to a few very good outfits on Substack - yours is already my hands down favourite. Thank you.

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I tried to donate to “Come Back Alive”, but sadly, Patreon will no longer process donations. They said:

This morning, Patreon suspended a Ukrainian organization’s page from our site called “Come Back Alive” because it violated our policies. The website of the organization says they use contributions to finance and train military personnel. Specifically, they claim to use funds they received for the following:

- “funds were used for… more than 1,500 tablets with software for Gunnya-Armor artillerymen, 230 quadcopters, 45 mobile surveillance systems…, and more than 60 military vehicles.”

- “The organization also initiates the creation and implementation of new technical solutions,” including “models of artillery weapons.”

- “trained 350 snipers, more than 2,000 sappers and more than 3,000 gunners, and training is being conducted to train UAV operators.”

We don’t allow Patreon to be used for funding weapons or military activity. It is a violation of our policies, and so we have removed the page. No contributors were charged after February 1, 2022, and any funds in the account from before February will be refunded to contributors.

Instead, I donated to Revived Soldiers Ukraine. They are raising funds and collecting gifts “to support medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers”.

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Shared. Thank you.

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