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It’s 730a.m. and I’m exhausted having read this piece. Average Canadians seem to lack awareness of the gravitas of the events unfolding. Bravo for laying it on the line for us. Unhappy St Patrick’s Day to us all,…

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Tragically relieved to hear you state the obvious - "So worry about the next world war all you want, but while you weren’t noticing, World War III began several years ago." To few people understand, or will admit, that we've been under attack on a number of fronts for a long time. Our enemy(s) has carefully chosen an initial weapon from which we have lost all means of defense: Personal Sacrifice. We've had a couple of generations that have grown up without a true exposure to horrors of war, while believing that all world problems should be measured in terms of economic ($$$) terms. Until our leaders (barf) are willing to face that fact, and bring society up to speed, the war will continue. Sadly, I fear, the West has no stomach for sacrifice beyond Hashtag Signalling and will ultimately succumb to powers that care nothing about their own people, never mind ours.

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I thought this twitter thread interesting on what Phillip P Obrien has to say about the war up to today "Professor of Strategic Studies, University St Andrews, Author: How the War was Won, and Second Most Powerful Man in the World. Editor in Chief, War in History" https://twitter.com/PhillipsPOBrien/status/1505563729936756744 A couple of comments within that thread "...the attack on Mariopul. This is a humanitarian disaster and war crime, first and foremost. Militarily its a sign of Russian defeat, even if they seize the city." & "Its worth taking a look at a more cogent analysis of what the campaign in Mariopul actually means, by the Institute for the Study of War. The siege of Mariopul has weakened the Russian campaign--portraying them taking the city as a sign of success is bonkers."

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