I would (reasonably) suspect that a lot of current Liberal MP's (and more that a few cabinet members) are (right-now) quietly having friends-of-friends discreetly "exploring the options" of purchasing a modest "dive-shop" operation down in Belize.

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A country that does not have an extradition treaty with Canada is probably a big selling point for the current crop of Liberals.

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Move fast ... those two ArriveCan dudes have been quietly hired to hire people to buy Belize.

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I like your style Mr. Glavin.

It’s believable.


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I have not been a fan of Leo Varadkar for some time. I am aware of the antisemitism in Ireland since independence but I was shocked at the malevolence of the bigotry for Jews in the past. I knew of De Valera’s shameful support of Nazi Germany but was not aware of his cruel and shocking treatment of those returning from the war who had fought the Nazis.. a well kept secret.

Sadly, this Jew hate is really a continuation of the past.

His government is I think, in many matters, out of touch with the ordinary Irish citizen, however.

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Anti-semitism is still rampant in the "West". It is no longer acceptable to be blantantly anti-semtic so we have all manner of other ways.. Israel has become a good way to be anti-semtic but claim not to be.

International banking is another way it is done. George Soros is attacked because he is of a Jewish background so all the huge amount of work he does in trying to build a better and more democratic society is seen as a plot.

In Canada we see it in how Jewish politicians are treated. In Germany most people still to not accept that a Jew can be a German, I hear that too often from family members.

In the 2022 municipal elections in Saanich candidate Mark Leiren-Young was barred from an all candidates meeting because they refused to accept him being late because of his wirship and then specifically told the crowd that he did not accept the invidation. There were other small anti0semtic things going on.

Political diversity preferences used by the parties of the left do not accpet Jews as being part of the diversity.

The old Khazar myth keeps going and going and going and my sons hear it in online chats.

For some reason it is ok to be mildly anti-smetic in the "west"

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